Of Covenants by C. Kubasta

The earnest voice misspeaks, as does the speaker of these poems—often. All things made tina cover trying to moveof language “are interactive objects discolored by the touch of people’s hands.” Of Covenants considers the ways we name and structure experience, creating contracts through our legal, religious, and linguistic systems until we are caught in a web of shifting signification, a system in which we “submit to consensus” but “did not participate in the building of this consensus.”

Read an excerpt here.


“C. Kubasta, please don’t take offense as we make reference to, ahem, country music in reviewing your fantastic new collection Of Covenants. The plainspoken, country-road cadence and homespun themes lean to AM not FM, and yet the words, sounds, and rhythms are high-beam, A-team poetry.” Read the entire review here.

—Matt Sutherland, Foreword Reviews


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