Dear Peaceful Reader:

Welcome to Whitepoint Press which is located here virtually and in San Pedro, California, in a more concrete way.  Our goal is to publish fiction and poetry that take risks. I started Whitepoint Press because writing can influence social change, and I began this enterprise by publishing my own books. There’s a precedent for what I’m doing; Lawrence Ferlinghetti launched City Lights Publishers in 1955 with his own book of poetry, and City Lights is still thriving.  Whitepoint Press is joining this tradition of progressive California publishing.

Take care,

Lisa De Niscia
Founder & CEO

contact:  lisa@whitepointpress.com

Please note that submissions are closed and will not open in 2023. We’re taking a break so that our team can do their own writing. We’re keeping things fluid, flexible, and relaxed which means we don’t know when we’ll be opening submissions.

Permissions: To request permission to reprint a poem, story, or novel excerpt for an anthology, please email lisa@whitepointpress.com.

Indie Bookstore Orders:  It’s easy to order Whitepoint books!  Returns are easy too though we hope there’s no need for that.Please email lisa@whitepointpress.com to place an order or for more information.

Desk copies:  If you’re adopting one of our books for your course, please email lisa@whitepointpress.com for a desk copy.  Please include the title of the book, name of the course, name of the institution, and enrollment.

Review copies: If you’re interested in reviewing one of our titles, please email lisa@whitepointpress.com with your request.

For speaking and event inquiries for any of our authors, please email lisa@whitepointpress.com. Our authors love to read their work in bookstores, libraries, theaters, museums, and at book club events.