Novels and short stories that might interest pro-choice readers:

One in four women in the United States is a Momentary Mother.

“I loved it!  I love [the] quirky characters, flawed enough to be real and keep it interesting, and the High Priestess is a wonderfully crafted tool! And such an appropriate title and descriptor… for a role and experience that is so common yet has no name.”

–Jacki, Professor in California

“De Niscia gives voice to many of the spirits that trouble mothers who terminate pregnancies by choice or circumstance. Myself a transplant from the East Coast, I found her voices compelling and authentic, her characters colorful and commanding. I can see Momentary Mother spinning off into a series of adventures engaging readers for years to come.”

–A.W., Professor in Nevada

This picaresque tale involves birth control (the refrigerated kind), pregnancy, and abortion. Not your typical American adventure.
This collection contains a ten-minute play that takes place in the recovery room of an abortion clinic and a story in which the founder of a crisis pregnancy center (aka fake clinic) tries to hire two pro-choice feminists to steal fetuses. In another story, though not central to the plot, the protagonist has had two abortions before eventually deciding to have children.