Submission Guidelines

Lucy, our submissions manager shown above, is hard at work reviewing the manuscripts we’ve received.

Submissions are open until September 18.  Thanks for your interest in Whitepoint Press.

Lucy is looking forward to reading your masterpieces!  What will she be looking for? Literary gems that express themselves as book-length poetry,  story collections, and novels.  Lucy has made it perfectly clear that she’s not afraid of work that is political, controversial, experimental, irreverent, subversive, satirical, or simply smart.

A Frequently Asked Question: Does Whitepoint Press publish genre fiction?

Whitepoint Press publishes fiction that complicates and disrupts genre conventions; we are excited about fiction that subverts clichés found in genre fiction. We don’t get excited about fiction that reinforces and re-creates those clichés.

Submissions Info:

Lucy has requested that you please submit your 10 poems or 5 short stories or the synopsis and first 25 pages of your novel to our electronic submissions manager here. Please let us know if this is a simultaneous submission.  Also, it will take us several months to get back to you about your submission.  Thank you in advance for your patience.

Go here for help with our submissions manager.